Selected Publications

A list of my most recent publications can be found below.  A complete list can be obtained in PDF format by downloading them here:

Complete Publication List -

Medical Textbooks

  1. Bomford CK, Kunkler IH and Sheriff S. Editors: Walter and Miller's Textbook of Radiotherapy Fifth Edition, Churchill Livingston (1993).

  2. Bomford CK and Kunkler IH. Editors: Walter and Miller's Textbook of Radiotherapy. Sixth Edition, Elsevier Science (2002).

Peer Reviewed Papers

  1. Kunkler IH, Williams LJ, King CC, Jack W (2009) Breast radiotherapy: considerations in older patients. Clinical Oncology Special Edition 21: 111-117.

  2. Verdecchia A, Baili P, Quaglia A, Kunkler I, Ciampichini R, Berrino F, Micheli A (2008). Patient survival for all cancers combined as indicator of cancer control in Europe. Eur J Public Health 18: 527-532.

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